Dramatic transformations are possible with the help of modern dental procedures. Many people considering oral treatments are curious about the possibilities – which tooth problems can be fixed, how much can black gums around the tooth be transformed? The before and after photos in our gallery can help you understand what we can achieve with our expertise and experience.

Remember that every person heals differently and individual results will vary. These photos are meant to illustrate a sampling of our work to give you an idea of what’s possible.

 In order to gain a refreshed image, you and your dentist must be on the same page! This is why your initial consultation is so important. During this one-on-one meeting meeting with our dentist at her Phoenix area facility, you have the option to ask Dr. Kapadia any questions you'd like. In turn, he will help you understand the specific procedure or treatment you are considering - even better than when you first arrived! An artist at heart, Dr. Kapadia possesses the talent to design and develop smiles that are not only beautiful, but a comfortable transition for the patient. Her wealth of knowledge has helped her to create and sustain some of the most stunning smiles in Phoenix!