Are Invisible Braces Right for You?

Are Invisible Braces Right for You?

Jun 10, 2019

Modern orthodontic treatment does not have to involve wearing a mouthful of shiny metal. If the thought of fixing your smile with traditional wires and brackets deters you from acting, it shouldn’t. Some people worry about the pain, the impact on their appearance, and the threat of being teased. This holds true, especially for older adolescents and adults. The good news is traditional metal braces are not the only option. Invisible braces at ESP Dental are the discreet alternative that can quickly improve your smile.

The Benefits of Invisible Braces in Phoenix

Dental correction with plastic clear braces consists of a series of custom-made removable aligner trays. Each virtually invisible aligner is designed to be worn for about two weeks. This cutting-edge orthodontic correction procedure allows your Phoenix dentist to map out the precise movements of your teeth.

Clear Braces in Phoenix

Clear aligners work by shifting teeth gradually into the desired positions. But that is not the sole reason why invisible braces in Phoenix are so popular. ESP Dental patients who choose discreet orthodontic correction enjoy other practical benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Clear plastic aligners are comfortable to wear and removable. This means you won’t be burdened with pesky food restrictions during treatment. Since the trays are taken out at meal time you are free to enjoy the foods you love. It is also easier to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly.
  • Imperceptible: This form of dental correction is virtually undetectable making clear braces a popular solution. Patients who wear invisible aligners never have to feel uncomfortable in work or in social situations. Youngsters with malocclusions feel more self-confident at school with clear braces.
  • Efficiency: Treatment with invisible braces at ESP Dental is fast and efficient. The individualized dental correction procedure is custom-made just for you! Your unique aligner trays are made skillfully to fit your mouth only and produce optimal results in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you have always wanted straighter teeth and a better smile without metal brackets and wires, clear braces at ESP Dental may be the right orthodontic solution for you.