How Dental Implants Work at ESP Dental

How Dental Implants Work at ESP Dental

Aug 01, 2019

Dentists have long used restorative dental practices and techniques to replace teeth that are missing in the mouth. Dental implants are becoming popular as more patients learn about the benefits of restoring missing teeth. However, many patients remain unaware of how they can beautify their smile with dental implants from ESP Dental. Let’s discuss dental implants, how they are installed, and how they can benefit your oral health.

How Are Dental Implants Installed?

Your dentist will apply a single dental implant by inserting a post into the jawbone. This post acts as the root of your missing tooth, stimulating the jawbone, and encouraging healthy tissue growth. Once the jaw heals, a prosthetic tooth can be attached to the post to restore beauty and balance to your smile. If you are getting multiple implants, the process is repeated in several areas of the mouth instead of just one.

You will still be able to eat, drink, and speak as you usually would – better, in fact, then you did with missing teeth. If you want a dental implant in Phoenix, ESP Dental are the professionals you should call. The procedure is safe, and we will work with you to cover the cost of your dental implant. Your expectation during implant surgery should be a safe and comfortable experience with minimal discomfort.

Treatment from a Dentist Near You

If you would like treatment from the best dentist near you, contact our dental clinic in Phoenix, AZ, to learn more about the ways we can restore your smile. Our clinic offers multiple dental services intending to help you and others obtain healthy teeth and a bright smile. Our staff is experienced, trained, and diligent. We use the latest equipment to ensure that you have a superior dental experience.

To schedule an appointment in our office, call today and speak with a representative that can help you. We can answer questions about dental implants and give you more insight into your oral health and how to brighten and beautify your smile.