Dental Bridges

Have you considered changing your smile and getting rid of the gap left after losing teeth? Your ESP Dental professional can provide dental bridges for patients in Phoenix, which work to fill in the area missing teeth with functional false teeth. There are several kinds of bridges, which your dentist can discuss in more detail at your next appointment.

Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges are used to place false teeth in the mouth which are held in place by crowns cemented onto adjacent teeth. These are a very popular method to restoring teeth, but they require that patients have teeth on either side of the area missing a tooth or teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges

If you want bridges that are completely secure and permanent, consider implant supported bridges. An implant will need to be inserted surgically into the jawbone, where it will heal and become the base of your new smile. After it has healed, your dentist will securely attach a bridge to the implant and you can have a beautiful and functional smile.

If you are missing any teeth and would like to know how your dentist can replace them and restore your smile, visit ESP Dental in Phoenix for premier dental care from a team of experienced and dedicated professionals. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today.