Consider Partials and Dentures for Your Smile Makeover in Phoenix

For reasons that aren’t complete clear, the use of full and partial dentures in restorative dentistry have a little bit of a negative stigma associated with them. But the fact is that this form of dentistry has helped countless individuals restore not only the full use of their teeth, but they’ve helped restore self-confidence, too! If you have several missing teeth – or teeth that you know are too damaged to repair through other forms of dentistry such as crowns and dental implants in Phoenix – keep reading to learn how a full or partial denture from ESP Dental might just be the solution you’ve been looking for!

The Basics of Full or Partial Dentures

Simply stated, a full or partial denture consists of prosthetic teeth that attach to an artificial gum plate. In the case of a partial denture, the plate will be comprised of only the amount of material that’s needed to hold to artificial teeth in place. In the case of a full denture, the artificial gum plate typically mimics the expanse of the entire restoration area – such as your upper mouth, your lower mouth, or in some cases, both regions. But the biggest takeaway that patients should know is that the prosthetic teeth can be designed to match – or improve upon – the appearance of your natural teeth. For this reason, many patients who seek a complete smile makeover in Phoenix will turn to full or partial dentures as a way to achieve their goals.

You May Have Additional Options

One of the reasons that dentures are the brunt of so many jokes is that when they are ill-fitting, they can easily become dislodged. At ESP Dental, our dental care team is committed to providing the perfect fit – from both a comfort and an esthetic standpoint – to each one of our patients. But we know that you may still have concerns about the restorative procedure. If so, we invite you to contact us to learn about other options such as best-practices for wearing dentures in Phoenix. We look forward to hearing from you!